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Samantha Bonpensiero

Hi! I’m Samantha Bonpensiero and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I have loved photographing people since I first picked up a film camera at 15. Since then, I switched over to digital and went on to get my degree in Art Photography and have been a freelance photographer ever since. I am a San Diego native currently living in the city of Philadelphia. I decided to broaden my horizons by bringing my west coast style to the East Coast. My photographic style is full of color and I am inspired by natural light and a gorgeous surrounding. I believe every wedding and session should be photographed as unique as the people in them, with a fresh perspective and on a personal level. (I love getting to know my clients!) I am a published photographer and have had the opportunity to share my work in print and online. I have been featured in Exquisite Weddings, California Wedding Day, How He Asked, Style Me Pretty, The Huffington Post and more. I enjoy simple pleasures in life and am a huge kid at heart. I love Disneyland, anything nintendo and seeing new places. I am not a lover of coffee (ew!) which may be a sin to some people. But I LOVE tacos so were even ya? I’m obsessed with mystery/crime tv and could binge watch it for hours. I am the only half Italian half Irish in my entire family (what a mix!) and I am totally a grandma’s girl, or as I call her Nanie. You can always find me on the dance floor as I like “to get jiggy with it” often, which goes along with my FABULOUS singing in the car skills. I buy candles based on the current season and like to bake to make my home smell delicious, while also satisfying my crazy sweet tooth.
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